Craig and Georgia Philson

Dukes Painting and Repair were the most professional contractors I've worked with in sometime. As I gathered quotes for my both an interior and exterior home painting job, I was met with the usual inconsistencies that one expects from "Contractors"....Appointment for bids that weren't kept, late arrivals and arriving late then not providing a quote for my job.  Dukes Painting was the exception." Marty Dukes showed up on time, confirmed his visit twice prior to the appointment date, provided a quick quote (via e-mail in a contractual format) and was not outrageously priced.  It was an easy decision to go with Dukes Painting.  The job was well done with the furniture placed back after each day.  They cleaned up each day and did all the repairs necessary to make the job work for our budget.  It's like a new house and we appreciate their hard work and professionalism.