Project Overview

The brick molding on all of the front windows on this house were rotted.  Water damage had rotted the window trim to the point that it was nearly disintegrated.  We removed the old rotten trim and replaced it with PVC brick molding.  This type of trim is made of vinyl plastic and is impervious to the weather, insects, and water damage.  The new trim will last for decades.

We then caulked and painted the newly installed trim.

In addition to this we painted the shutters on the front of the house.  They were faded and needed to be freshened up.

More Info

After receiving several estimates for work that needed to be done on our home, we chose Dukes Painting.  Marty Dukes did an outstanding job on our exterior painting!  His professionalism, attention to detail and excellent work made us look forward to hiring him again!  He took care of more than we had asked once he realized that the wood around our windows needed to be replaced, not just painted.  We appreciate his honesty and great skills. More important than paint on our house, he was so kind to our two small children who were interested in watching him work for two days!  They kept a close eye on him and he was a great sport!  Thank you, Marty for taking care of our home’s curb appeal! Thanks so much for everything!!!

-Mendy and Jeff

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