Project Overview

This interior paint project was located in Owasso OK.  We were asked to prepare and repaint the kitchen cabinets, along with the vanities and cabinets in two bathrooms.

We also painted the trim and doors in the kitchen to match.  The cabinets were clear coated oak before we began.  We used Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Oil on this owasso painter project.

Cabinet Painting can be an expensive and time consuming process as there is a lot of prep and skill involved in painting them.  Dukes Painting has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to cabinet finishes and interior painting.

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Since the kitchen cabinets were stain grade to begin with, there was a lot of prep work in this paint project.  We began by removing all of the doors and transporting them back to our shop for preparation and paint.  We prep this type of cabinet by sanding everything we are going to paint with 150 grit and then 220 grit sand paper.  Then we remove all the dust with tack cloths and vacuum cleaners.

Next we prime all of the wooden cabinets with a high quality oil based primer.  Since these were oak cabinets, the grain of the oak posed a small problem.  Primer must be worked into all of the little groves created by the oak grain.  Next we caulked all of the cracks and filled any nicks with wood filler.  After a final sanding with 220 grit sandpaper the cabinets are ready to paint.  On the doors we applied 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Oil based paint.  We choose this paint for ist wonderful self leveling properties.  This paint can be brushed on and the brush lines will dissapear before the paint dries creating a sprayed on finish.

The doors were sprayed two coats and the cabinet boxes were brushed and rolled three coats using an oil based brush and foam rollers.  After finishing all the paint work we returned the cabinets to the property for re-installation.  In this particular paint project, we replaced the old hinges with new modern hinges.  We also drilled holes to install drawer and door pulls where there weren’t any to begin with.

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