Project Overview

The complete exterior repaint had a few hurdles that we had to jump.

Since the house was built before 1978, there was lead based paint that had to be accounted for.  We are EPA certified to take care of houses with lead paint.

Secondly, this house had some cedar shake shingles that needed to be painted.  They were previously stained, so had to be primed with an oil based primer.

Colors and Paint

Colors and Paint used. 

General Painting Process


  1. Pressure wash to remove any dirt and loose paint
  2. Scrape all loose paint by hand using EPA lead safe painting practices
  3. Caulk all large Gaps
  4. Prime all bare wood, including the cedar shakes with oil based primer
  5. Apply 2 coats of body paint
  6. Apply  2 coats of trim color
  7. Paint front porch