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Project Overview

This Midtown Tulsa bungalow was in very bad shape.  It was plagued with peeling paint, rotten wood, and bad caulk.  The color was hideous and it was the sore spot on an otherwise peasant street.

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We began by washing and scraping this old house and getting the paint back down to solid a solid surface to build upon.  We then sprayed the entire thing with Peel Bond.  Peel Bond is a high build primer that hides surface imperfections.  It can be sprayed up to 40 mils thick in one pass.  This product is not cheap but it does a great job and the results speak for themselves.

Afterwards we caulked all the cracks in the residence and painted the exterior with Sherwin Williams Duration coating.  This is a lifetime guaranteed product and is top of the line.  You would be hard pressed to find a better coating.


Dukes painting did a great job at a great price. I did quite a bit of research before I hired Dukes, and chose them because I felt that they were the most knowledgeable and professional of all the painters I spoke to. I have an old house with almost 100 years of built up, cracked, alligatored, and peeling paint on the outside. In the high traffic areas, they smoothed the siding out such that it looked brand new — not an easy task. Every thing looks great. We went from the ugliest house on the block, to the nicest looking one after Dukes was done with it.

-Joe Gilbert

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