This house was in quite bad shape.  Huge sections of old paint were peeling off in big flakes.  It was clearly poorly done the last time it was painted.  Most of my time was spent preping this house to accept the paint.

It was horrible dirty so pressure washing and a bit of scrubbing were in order.  Then came more than a full day of scraping, and almost 2 days of priming and caulking.


There were several obsacles to overcome on this projects. The terrain in the back was attrocious.  There was a big pile of loose bricks right in the one place that a long extention ladder was needed.

The other problem that I encountered was the weather.  This exterior paint job was started late in the season and I had to work around the temperature.  The paint I used is rated to be applied down to 35 degrees. So I had to time it just right so as the paint would have enough time to cure and dry before the weather got bad.  I finished the day before the first big cold from came into Tulsa.



Sherwin Williams A-100 latex and oil primer to prime the bare spots.

Sherwin Williams 1100A Caulk

Sherwin Williams Exterior Super Paint – Satin Sheen – for the finish coats.

Body – SW7508 Tavern Taupe
Trim – SW7585 Egret White
Accent – SW7585 Sundried Tomato