Project Overview

We completed this exterior paint job in Bixby Oklahoma.  There were several areas of rotten wood due to water.

This house was painted using Sherwin Williams Duration exterior latex paint.  Duration is a LifeTime warrantied paint.  It applies thick and covers extremely well.  It is also self priming.

There were several areas of dry rot that needed to be taken care of.  The brick moulding around one of the back doors was rotting at the bottom.  The biggest repairs were made to two posts in the back of the house that hold up a large section of roof.

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General Painting Process

This is fairly typical painting project for us.  Several wood repairs, standard scraping, caulking, priming and painting.

We repainted this house with the same color.  In this case, SW7017.  The shutters were painted Tricorn Black.

Colors and Paint

Body Paint:  Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior
Paint Sheen: Satin
Body Color: SW7107

Accent Paint: Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior
Paint Sheen: Satin
Accent Color: Tricorn Black


The most difficult portion of this paint job was the several places of wood rot that needed to be repaired.  The chimney trim was warping and needed to be replaced.  We make sure to prime all sides of the trim before we install it.  This process helps keep the trim boards from rotting again.

We also repaired the bottom of two posts that hold up the back porch roof.  The bottom few inches were soft.  We actually found earth worms inside one portion of it.  We removed the bottom few inches, and installed a metal post base.  We also had to install new concrete anchors because the old ones were rusted through.

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